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21st century: a response to forums, Q&A sites and other chat sites which leave you will a is there anybody out there feeling.
We're here to tell you to forget all you know about chat because there's a new way to talk. We're here to give a new meaning to chat. So put aside all the negative thoughts that come to mind and try AnybodyOutThere for size.

A chat never stopped anybody in their tracks. It never made hairs stand on end or broke hearts. Because a chat is just a chat. It's not something we take seriously. It's something we all do whether on or offline. It's light, fluffy, frivolous and often associated with the geeky and socially awkward. It's as long or short as you want it to be. And once it's done... poof, it's done and never to be thought of again. Until now!

What makes us different?

At AnybodyOutThere, you tell us what you want to talk about! All we need if your thought, topic or question and we'll find you the right people to talk with.

We care about who you are. What interests you. And what makes you tick. We make it our business to understand you. So you aren't talking with just anyone. We take the hard work out of searching for people to talk with.

We believe that the nature of the internet and user behavior is changing. Most users expect a more sophisticated, personal experience tailored to suit their needs. If that's what you're after; you're at the right place.

We have three main aims:

  1. To help you find the most suitable people to talk with so you don't waste time looking for someone you have something in common with. We're here to help you connect with the right people.
  2. To provide you with an accurate, instant response to whatever may be on your mind. We want to be the place where knowledge is shared and exchanged. But more importantly, the place you turn when in search of a human response.
  3. To be everywhere! No matter whether via website, desktop or even mobile application, we want to be there in the form of button, widget or add-on giving you the chance to discuss whatever whenever.

How we do it

Every aspect of AnybodyOutThere is designed to help us understand you and your specific needs and interests. From the moment you click the Talk button, we're working behind the scenes to find you the most suitable people to talk with. We have several algorithms which analyze what you want to talk about and then find you people who want to talk about something similar. That's the simplified version of course. Here's a brief summary of our algorithms and how they work: 

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