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The numbers of the SEO industry

SEO is word that lately some you are entering a bit of suspicion and not know to do. Many are afraid of Google punished them for trying to envelope - optimize your web site.
The truth is that several "knowledgeable in SEO" that he had found a shortcut to the web positioning of its sites, with the latest updates of Google's algorithm with some techniques not very clear shot went them backfired, as well as fast as they rose from position in Google results, also they fell very quickly.
But aside from that, ever were to think how big is the SEO industry?

Well, if there were or not that question, as I will show you some numbers so they have an idea so great is that industry. So I bring a computer graphics developed by the people of BlueCaribu, where you will see many figures and data about the SEO industry.

Only with say 863 million web sites mention the word SEO or that every second, 3.5 people search the word SEO on Google or on Twitter mentioned SEO 248 thousand times per month, gives them an idea of how important that is.

How big is the SEO Industry on the Internet? – An infographic by the team at BlueCaribu


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