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UMskincheck free iOS app to detect skin cancer

UMskincheck, free application for iOS to detect skin cancer

UMSkinCheck is an application to do a breast self-exam to detect skin cancer. This application was created by the University of Michigan and is free.

It is an application that allows you to carry out a review and monitoring, as well as offering the possibility to complete and store a photo library of the full body, keep track of moles or lesions, access to videos and literature news and also has one melanoma risk calculator.

The implementation guides us through a series of 23 photographs, covering the body from the head to toe. The photos are stored on the device and are the basis for future comparisons to other photos.

The application tell us everytime we must carry out the test, taking new pictures, to be able to compare with the previous ones.

Download link: UMskinCheck


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