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Creates free 3D model of face from a photograph

The company Vizago surprises us with a startup we can, nothing more and nothing less than to create a 3D model of our face from an image in two dimensions.

The demo, which runs from Firefox, from Chrome, it is easy to use and ask us to place a series of dots in a photo uploaded on our face. After placing a marker points in the ear lobes, the tip of the nose, cheeks and more, we'll just give the "Submit" button so that after waiting a while (few minutes) reconstruction appears 3D of our face.

If we have uploaded a picture quality three-dimensional reconstruction will be more detailed and perfect, and the demo continues regardless of hair. Yet, curiously enough, have a 3D model in front of our head and for the curious, as well as experts in handling this type of technology, you should check it out. In terms of monetization, Vizago offers its technology for monthly subscriptions that give full access to the service

Vizago is a new service that allows us to create a 3D model of a head with a simple picture that has the face of a person.

If you want to prove it, they offer the possibility to do so through a web application that is a Demo and to use only have to subscribe or connect via your Facebook account credentials. The only one against is not taken into account the hair, given a bald model.

They must pay attention to the instructions on the photo to use, since it must be unchanged as shown, otherwise the model will not work. Once the image rise, mark reference points as e.g. ears, cheeks, nose and ready. In a while you will have your 3D model. Be not impatient, it isn't fast, takes a few minutes to give them the result.

So if you want to test, go ahead, the Demo is free. Below is a video where shown all products of this company


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