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tweetcaster : Advanced Twitter client for Mobile

tweetcaster  is an application for managing Twitter, as well, it offers many other features that allow you to maximize and be aware of everything that happens on Twitter.
This application is the only one which has the characteristic  Explore , which allows users to discover and lists that are classified according to 21 categories.

tweetcaster introduces you to the Live Events being carried out on Twitter and follow them. Each shows a feed stream of tweets from people who are part of events such as TV shows, sporting events, concerts and other types.
Another unique feature is the  tweetcaster Timeline  helps you organize your timeline in Slices, which are a mini feeds creates and allows us to read what we want when we want it. We can also mark favorite Twitter accounts, like a bookmark in the browser.
All tasks that we perform on a device, either iPhone or Android, are synchronized with our account of Slices on the Web (The Web application is not yet online).
We can manage any number of Twitter accounts and also allows us to send posts to our Facebook accounts.
That's not all, also offers an advanced search to search our timelines, individual accounts, in terms, in private messages and much more.
Finally we have  Smart Lists , which are lists of Twitter but with additional features.    Zip It  lets us do not want to hide tweets read, but still follow the user who sends and finally offers  Smart Filters , which only clicking screen lets us see only tweets with photos or videos.

As you can see is a very complete with many functions and features that others do not. Not your typical Tweetdeck, HootSuite, or the official Twitter application is much more complete.
Mobile applications are available and can be downloaded, the web application can not access yet, but you can register to be among the first to use it when it is released, which is expected in the coming weeks.


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