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The 5 best free & open source image editors

There are many free and best open source image editors that allow you to perform complex tasks, which in some cases put them up to the leader in image editing.Apart from Photoshop which is the king of image editors
Here are what I consider the top 5 free programs to edit images,

1. Gimp

Windows, Linux and Mac
There's no discussion, this is the best of all publishers free images. Gimp is up to Photoshop and is currently used by many professionals.

2.   Paint.Net

Another of the most complete freeware photo editing. Supports layers, to add more effects and other things typical of commercial software.

3. PaintStar

PaintStar not as complete as the previous, but has several tools, effects and features to perform some complex edits.

4. Pinta

Windows, Linux and Mac
Inspired Paint.net is a very intuitive, easy to use, even for those with little experience. Not as complete as Gimp and Paint.net, but has all the necessary features for retouching. Also supports layers and allows applying effects.

5. Serif Photo Plus Starter Edition

The free version of Photo Plus Pro, with several features to fix old or damaged photos, remove red-eye, improve skin, whiten teeth, remove objects from the images, adjust levels, brightness, contrast and many others.


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