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Free App to Edit PDF on Android Mobile

Reading PDFs on the go is a regular activity for most Android users. Whether you are reading something for work, study or fun, it is very useful to be able to read PDFs even when your computer is miles away.

However, when it comes to making certain changes to the documents, the Android platform is not the best platform. The best PDF converters and editors can be found on desktop platforms, while mobile devices are still limited as far as such features are concerned.

We’ll show you today how you can make simple edits to your PDFs by using a free Android application, Adobe PDF reader. In order to access these features, you would need to open a PDF in this app and then tap the “Edit PDF” button in the upper menu

1) Highlighting text

Adobe PDF Reader makes it possible for you to highlight important passages and save them for later. Just tap on the highlight icon and select the part of the text you want to highlight. However, have in mind that this doesn’t work on scanned PDFs. It is also possible to change color of highlighted text as you see on the picture.

2) Adding notes and annotation

Creating simple reminders and notes inside the document is also possible by tapping the Add note icon.

3) Drawing

One very useful feature of the Android Adobe PDF reader is the possibility to draw on the document free hand. For example, one can draw circles or arrows in the text for further notation purposes.

4) Adding signatures

By tapping on the add signature button, users can sign their signatures to any PDF document from their Android phones.

5) Inserting text

 The Insert Text option is not perfect, but it does allow you to add words and sentences to your mobile PDF.  You can also change the text size, font and color as you see fit.


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