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Free Financial Calculators Online

1) Dinkytown

This is probably the most complete collection of calculators that you will find anywhere on the Internet. Dinkytown features over 350 different financial calculators for you to use and also offers most of the them in a variety of languages. No matter what you need related to your financial situation, Dinkytown has the calculator for you, whether you need help tallying your mortgage payments, credit card debt or savings. If you really like a certain calculator who can also pay a fee to put it on your own website.

2) CSG Network

This site offers calculators that do not cater towards finances as much, rather, the calculators on this site aim to help you with a wider range of more general everyday situations in which you might need a calculator. For example, there is a calculator that can help you find out how large of a turkey you will have to buy for Thanksgiving based on how many people who are planning to feed, how large their appetites are, whether or not you want to have leftovers, and several other variables. Whether you need to know how much chlorine to put in your pool or you are just need a calculator to help your children out with their math homework, this site will probably have what you need.

3) Dollar Times

Yet another site that provides many different varieties of calculators to help you with your personal finances, however, Dollar Times is all about helping you manage your money and save. The site offers three categories of custom calculators from which you can choose from: Home and Car Loans, Investment and Savings, and Personal Finance. Using the calculators provided in these three sections, you can do a pretty good job of taking care of your finances, from calculating your mortgage payments, to keeping track of your retirement savings and monitoring how much you are spending on gas each week.

4) Choose To Save

Another extremely large database of financial calculators, this site does not have its own calculators, rather, it links you to the best and most popular calculators used for various calculations. You will be able to find calculators for following how you are doing on the stock market, calculators that will help you plan your paycheck spending, calculators for mutual funds and bonds, along with many more.

5) Hugh’s Mortgage and Financial Calculators

This is Hugh U. Chou’s site, and he loves calculators. Even though the sites states that Hugh specializes in mortgage and financial calculators, you won’t have to look very hard to see that there is actually a lot more that he offers on his site. Mr. Chou seems to be a man of math that loves making calculators for things that he stumbles across in life that intrigue him. For example, you can find a calculator for converting a cat’s age to human age and also to calculate your cholesterol levels as well. Among the many other financial and mathematical calculators, you will also find math and science related games and puzzles that he has developed for your entertainment.

6) Dr. Calculator

Of all the calculator sites, this one is the easiest to navigate. There is really nothing else included on the site other than 11 different categories of calculators. The categories available are the usual ones, and the calculators offer by this site will make it really easy for you to take of all of your personal finances without having to look anywhere else. Calculators are available to help you with your mortgage rates, managing your loans and your savings, calculating interest rates on various purchases, and keeping track of your investments.

7) Calculator Web

Even though this site might offer less calculators than others, it is a very specific and well-organized list of calculators. It is an especially good site for people who are deep into investments, with a set of great calculators that will let you manage your entire portfolio very easily. There is also a great set of planning calculators which are good for both short-term and long-term planning. You can plan out your weekly budget using these calculators, balance your checkbook effectively, but also calculate your retirement savings and how much you will need for other long-term plans, like putting your children through school.

8. Financial Calculators

This is one of the better organized calculator sites that you will find. Even though it does mostly have types of calculators that you will find on any financial calculator site, this particular page has an excellently detailed set of calculators for things that you won’t see on other sites. For instance, there is a great list of calculators that will enable you to manage your insurance plans, as well as calculators that will enable you to see where exactly all that money from your paycheck is going. The site also features great calculators for keeping your credit card payments in order.

9. CNN Money

CNN’s money site offers a typical list of calculators to use for managing your finances. However, it does have one of the better groups of real estate-related calculators that you will stumble upon. These calculators will not only enable you to calculate your mortgage payments, but you will also be able to keep track of your property’s value and they can even help you see what price range is realistic if you are looking to purchase a home.

10. Disposable Income

The name of the site speaks for itself, really. This fantastic calculator will tell you how much money you will have left to spend each month after you have paid for everything that you need to pay for in the course of the month. Just enter in your wage and all of your monthly expenses and find out what you are left with. If you are left feeling depressed at the end of the calculation, the site tries to pick your spirits up a bit by calculating how much time at work you must spend in order to be able to purchase various things (coffee, a laptop, a vacation to Greece, etc).


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