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App to create fun videos with your smartphone -Cinemagram

Cinemagram is an application for phones Android or Iphone that will allow you to create animations very easily.Videos of 4 seconds with loops that create fun effects. In addition you can choose sectors where you leave one part of the static image and movement on the other. You can transform them into gif animated.

You log in with your Twitter account, Facebook or your email address.Immediately, you will contact your friends or followers to share your animations very easily.
It has special filters that will make your images to acquire artistic and cinematic flair.
Link address: http://cinemagr.am/

Cinemagram, a mobile social network for short, hybrid photo-videos.

The default Cinemagram format is for the tiny clip to play over and over again automatically. It’s not so novel if you’ve ever seen an animated GIF. Unlike full-length videos, which can be tedious to create and watch from phones, two seconds is not much of an investment.These short clips should appeal to publishers and content creators, who can target mobile audiences with promos for their full-length material. A lot can be communicated in just two seconds.

For instance, some Cinemagram users have taken to filming touchdowns when they’re watching football, and then posting them.Another Cinemagram user has recorded, over the past month, his brother Jake’s progress after being hospitalized with an induced coma after falling down concrete steps. 

Cinemagram saw extreme growth over the past couple of months, adding 100,000 or more new users per day. That curve has flattened a bit, admitted co-founder Temo Chalasani — the daily numbers of sign-ups are in the tens of thousands now.

“It’s reasonable and healthy, as opposed to before, where it was an incredible spike,” Chalasani said of the app’s growth.Further, many of those users are sticking around for long periods of time. The average daily visitor watches at least 50 “cines” per day, Chalasani said.


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