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Recommendations to improve the security of WiFi network

The recommendation more important, is to change your routers security protocol to WPA2. Follow the instructions that we transcribe here so no one can hack your data or your installed equipment.

1 Check what type of security already has your home WiFi. 
His friends would need to enter a password to enter the network when visiting his home for the first time and requested to use your WiFi?
If they don't, the network is not as safe as it could be. Even if you need to enter a password, there are some different methods to secure your network, and some are better than others. Check what type of security has the network in your home looking at the WiFi settings. It is possible that your network is not secure or that it be protected with WEP, WPA or WPA2. WEP is the oldest wireless security protocol, and is rather weak. WPA is better than WEP, but WPA2 is the best. 

2 To change settings of network security to WPA2.
Your wireless router is the machine that creates the WiFi network. If they don't have your network with WPA2-protected, they will have to access the router configuration page to make the change. You can consult the user manual of your router to find the way to access this page, or find the instructions online for your specific router. Any device with WiFi brand sold since 2006 must have support for WPA2. If you have a router that was manufactured before, we suggest you upgrade to a new router that Yes offers WPA2. It is more secure and can be much faster. 

3. Establish a secure password for your WiFi network.
To configure your network with WPA2 you have to create a password. Is important to choose a unique password, with a long combination of numbers, letters and symbols so that others can not guess it easily. If you are in a private space, as his home, okay to write this password so that they can remember it, and keep it in a safe place so not to lose it.They could also have it on hand when friends come visit and want to connect to the Internet through your network. Just as they wouldn't give you the key to your home to a stranger, only they should give your WiFi password people's confidence. 

4. Make your router secure too, so no one can change the settings.
The router has its own password, separate password they used to protect your network. Routers come without a password, and if they are, it is a simple password that comes by default and they know many criminals in line. If they do not change the password of the router, the criminals in any part of the world have an easy way of launching an attack against the network, shared the same data and computers connected to the network. In many routers you can change your password from the router configuration page. This password only you should know it and it must be different to that used to connect to the WiFi network (as described in step 3). If these passwords are the same, then any person who has the password to connect to the network will also be able to change the settings on the wireless router.

5. If you need help, look for instructions.
If they have lost the router's manual, write the number of model of your router in a search engine, since in many cases the information is available online. Otherwise, please contact with the company that manufactures the router or your Internet service provider for assistance.


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