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Optimize H2 Tag For Blogger

Heading tags are a way of organizing and prioritizing content in a HTML document. There are 6 heading tags - H1(the most important one) to H6(the lease important one). 'H' means heading tags.Heading tags play a very important role in optimizing a blog .Among these six tags,H1 tag is the most important tag followed by H2H3 and so on. By default Blogger uses H1 tags for the blog title, H3 for post titles and H2 for sidebar titles. Having proper weighted headings is really important from an SEO perspective and this tutorial will help you to assign heading tags based on importance.

search engine robot reads your content just the way a human reads it. Headlines, bolded and highlighted texts draw attention. By default all blogger templates are designed such that the H1 tag is given to Homepage Main Title, H2 is given to Blog Description or Header dates, sidebar headers and H3 is assigned for post titles. Whilst the fact is that your Post titles are second most important part of your blog after the main title. Sidebar titles and Post description are peanuts in comparison to your post titles.

Changing Post Tiles Heading Tags In Blogger:

To change post titles default H3 tag to H2 heading Tag then follow the steps below,
  1. Go To Blogger> Design > Edit HTML
  2. Backup your template
  3. Search for .post h3
  4. and replace it with .post h2  (keep replacing that for all occurrences of .post h2)
  5. Then search for,
and replace it with this,
    6.  Save your template


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