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10 best video editing software

The list of 10 best video editing software that can be downloaded free of cost.

1. Sony Vegas Video - Sony Vegas Video is one of the best video editing softwarethat is mainly used by professionals. Although, this software is not available for free but you can download its trial version for free. Sony Vegas Video is a complete video editing tool that allows users to edit video scene and add special effects with tons of audio and video effects and filters that could be very useful to produce any kind of professional project.

Sony Vegas Video helps users to improve and edit their video quality by adding more than 300 special effects and filters. You can easily edit and add any type of video effects in your video clips to make your video like a professional video. This software comes with many useful functions and a nice user interface.

Since it comes with tons of useful options, you may have some problems to use this program,  but don't worry because Sony Vegas Video has a great help section where you can find the answer of your question. This software can also be used to add some special sound effects in your video clips because it has more than 30 special sound effects.

2. Pinnacle VideoSpin - Pinnacle VideoSpin is one of the best video editors that has almost all kinds of useful video editing tools. You can download full version of this video editing program free of cost your computer. Videospin is an easy to use video editor that has many features for editing your video clips. Pinnacle VideoSpin is a perfect video editing software for home and professional users. Videospin lets users create  presentation video easily and edit video clips, photos, sound effects and background music.

Pinnacle VideoSpin is a useful free video editing software that comes with a beautiful and easy to understand interface. Although you cannot use it as alternative to Sony Vegas Video but it's great for simple use. You can access many useful features in this software. Pinnacle VideoSpin supports multiple video formats and helps you add some special elements in your presentation video clips. This software also comes with a useful tool that can help you to create and edit titles, add some ready made title and audio effects. Very useful video editing software that is available totally free of charge.

3. Blender - Blender is one of the best free video editing programs that allow users to edit modify animated video. Blender is a completely free and open source and fully featured 3D film making video suite that supports all major operating system such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Free BSD etc. Blender is one of the best video editing tools that allows users to create animated films, add visual & sound effects with tons of 3D animating tools. You can download full version of this video editing software free of cost.Here I'm listing some main features of Blender Video Editor -

Beautiful Interface - Blender has nice user interface and lets you customize interface according to your needs. Blender lets you customize interface with many useful options such as- fully scriptable custom themes, undo feature for all levels, built in text editors etc.

Character Modelling - If you love making animated video, this option will help you to create your animated video characters. Blender comes with Character Modelling feature that lets you design your animated characters with some useful tools.

Rigging - With this option, you can transform your animated character into a posable character like professional animated videos. This feature helps you to create and design your animated movie's characters.

Animation - Blender is a fully featured animation software that helps you to make your own animated video. With animation feature, you can add many effects to your animated video.

Other Features - Blender provides many features to users for building animated videos like professionals  such as- character modelling, solid modelling, rigging, adding animation effects to characters, rendering animated scenes, shading, real time 3D game creation option etc.

4. VirtualDub - Virtualdub is simple and free video editing tool that has easy to use interface. Virtualdub is one of the most powerful video editing software that can be downloaded on your windows computer for free. It has many useful editing features so that home users can edit and add effects on their video clips easily.

VirtualDub is an easy to use video editor that lets you edit your video clips quickly. You can edit and add some special effects using this video editing program. VirtualDub has been integrated with MPEG-1 and Motion-JPEG decoders. With VirtualDub, you can easily remove or replace audiotracks from your video, set different types of video effects , compress or decompress your video and audio files, remove segments of a video clip, adjust video frame rate etc. One of the best video editors that can be downloaded free of charge on your PC.

5.  Wax - Wax is one of the most downloaded video editing software that is available for free. You can download full version of Wax video editing program free of cost.  Wax is a high performance and video editing computer software that allows users to add different kind of special effects easily.

Wax helps you edit and add special effects easily to your video. You can choose 3D and 2D video plugins to add your desired visual effects to your video clips. Simple and powerful video editor that comes with lots of special effects and transitions.

6. MovieStorm - MovieStorm is one of the most useful video editors that lets users make their own 3D movies and animations with special 3D visual and sound effects. You can download free trial version of MovieStorm on your computer to test this great software. One of the best video editing application that has full feature of making animated 3D films with easy to use game style interface.

7. ZS4 Video Editor- ZS4 is a powerful video editing software that can help users editing video clips easily. ZS4 video editor is a free video editor that supports all major operating system. One of the most used media editing software that allows users editing videos, audios and image files easily.

With ZS4 video editor, you can easily add unlimited number of audio, video and picture tracks, audio/video effects, set resolution of your video clips, add some special visual and audio effects, manipulate flow of video frames and edit your video clips. The software comes with lots of useful video editing features, if you need any kind of help, you can visit their official site to read tutorial.

8. Jashaka - Jashaka could be the best program if you are looking for free audio and video editing tool. Jashaka is one of the best program that can also help professionals to edit and enhance their video quality with easy to use interface. You can download full version of Jashaka video editing software free of cost. It has many useful video editing features that you cannot find in free version of any kind of media editing software.

Jashaka is a fully functional beautifully designed video editing software that can be used to edit and improve your video quality. The software lets you edit your video clips by adding different types of special audio and video effects. One of the best video editors that is available on the web free of cost.

9. Movica - One of the best movie editing software for Windows Operating System that can be downloaded for free. Movica is one of the most useful movie editors that has simple user interface that can be used by home and professional users easily. Movica developers has put some unique features in this video editing program such as tons of desktop shortcuts, simple interface, movie editing tools etc.

10. VideoPad Video Editor - VideoPad Video Editing is one of easiest video editing software on the internet that allows users to add special effects on their video or movie clips. Videopad video editor is a great free movie editing software which has very simple user interface so that an average home user can also edit video clips easily. VideoPad Video Editor supports many multimedia formats with some unique and special visual effects.

If you are looking for free video editor that can be used easily without reading any type of guide article, this video editing program would be the best for you. Although it doesn't come with tons of useful features like Sony Vegas but useful for beginners to edit and add some special video and sound effects to their video clips.


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