Take a look below and click on the heading link to Watch the fun.

1.Google Gravity

Google Search logo, search buttons and many Google apps are levitating in the air. Google Gravity make them to fall. After that you can see the logo and all other buttons are swinging slightly. Now what to do? Fight with them throw them from one street to another and punch them!!!


This make the Google search screen to tilt a little as shown in the picture given below.Click on the image to a enlarged view.



elooG!! It's looking very funny. elgooG will surprise you. It displays the Google search page contents in a descending order.

4.Weenie Google 

Weenie Google plays a superb function in decreasing the size of the text on the Google search homepage 

5.Rainbow Google

Here Rainbow Google allows you to get the complete rainbow effect on your Google search. If you just type something, it will also gives you the same colorful effect.

6.Let Me Google That For You

Type something on the search box and click on any button. Finally you will get link. Do you know what's that link? Yeah it's the link which hosts what you have typed before. Copy that link and past it on the url search address bar. It will execute what you have typed, in an automatic style. Attract your friends by sharing those link. Just type anything, get the link and then share...!!

7.Google Logo Dancing

Make the Google logo(loco) to start dancing like a cute baby :)

8.Your Name Instead Of Google Logo

Now put your name or some other name and replace the default Google logo with yours. On the step 1 put a name and on the step 2 pick up a font style and finally click on Create My Search Engine button.

9.Google Dark

The background of Google search page is white in colour. Why only white. Here the black background. Make your Google search page's environment darker than ever.

10.Google Moon

Now visit the Moon from here. It's interface is looking like using Google map feature. Apollo series included.

11.Google MentalPlex

On the Google MentalPlex page, you can see a spinning circle which is like a hypnotizing gif image. Concentrate on the circle for a few seconds and then click on the circle. Then See the result :P

12.Google Barrel Roll

Roll or rotate the Google search page once in a clockwise direction. It's very stylish and you must try it!!

13.Google Pacman

I think, now it's the time to play the Pacman game with two steps to go. Use your keyboard's arrow keys for the direction control.


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