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Fast Method of Installing Windows XP

 Fast Method of Installing Windows XP  in 10 -15 Minutes

Here is a Brand New way of Installing Windows Xp Faster..

We all know that Windows Xp is still the 2nd most used OS in the world although after the releases of windows 7,8 and windows 10...

So,If we wanna Install windows Xp in our System it make take around 40 minutes for sure.....

Actually the installation of Windows XP completes in just 10-15 minutes , all the processes taking after that are not neccesary...But,we cant stop them from Installing or processing...

So,Now i am going to show how to stop that setup process as soon as the files required for the windows XP are installed...

Follow this tutorial and Enjoy Installing windows Xp in just around 10 minutes..

  • nsert windows CD or Bootable USB drive in your computer and start booting.
  • Format the drive according to you and setup will star copying files.
  • After copying all files your system will reboot and then you will see a blue window where it show 39 minutes to complete the installation. As shown below.
  • Now press Shift + F10 and it will open Command Prompt.
  • Type taskmgr in the command prompt and hit Enter. This will open Task Manager.
  • In Task Manager Switch to Process tab and here you will see numbers of running program.
  • Locate Setup.exe in the process tab and Right click on it and then set priority of this process to High.

  • Now a warning massage will appear and click on Yes.

  • That’s all and now windows XP will install very quickly or faster than ever.

Thats it you will find that the remaining installation completes in just 5 minutes...


That’s how to install windows XP very quickly. By following this method you will able to install XP faster than earlier nearly in just 10 – 15 minutes.


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