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Free Online Tools to Check Broken Links for Websites

Broken link checker helps webmasters to find broken links of their sites. If your site links to dead pages or not found pages, these tools will help you find those links. Having broken links on site is considered very bad for high search engine ranking and readers so if you have a blog or website with heavy content, you must use any powerful broken link checker to detect "404 not found" pages.

 Siteliner - Sitelaner is one of the best free broken link checking tools on the web that also shows some useful data such as internal page score, duplicate content, xml sitemap and dead links with source. Very useful site that scans quickly your whole site and shows you full result without asking for registration. Siteliner is operated by Copyscape , one of the most popular duplicate content checking services on the web.

 BrokenLinkCheck - One of the best places to check dead links of your website or blog. The site offers powerful broken link checking tool that scans all of your articles and tells you the source pages which content dead links. Very useful website to find broken links with the locations in html code of your source pages.

DeadLinkCheck - Check for broken links on any website. Links that don't work harm your search rankings and provide for a bad user experience. No downloads - just enter the name (URL) of the website you wish to check

 iWebtool Broken Link Checker - iWebtool is one of the most popular websites for seo tools. iWebtools offers different types of seo tools such as backlink checker, page rank checking tool, page rank prediction tool , broken link checker and many other useful seo tools which could be very useful for bloggers and website owners.

Online Domain Tool - Online Domain Tool is one of the best websites where you can find many useful free tools. The site also offers powerful broken link checking tool which can show you dead links with source pages of your site.

 PowerMapper Broken Link Checker- PowerMapper is a useful site that offers many useful tools. The website also offers free broken link checking tool that shows counts of broken links. The tool also shows you some important data such as privacy issues, site errors, browser specific issues , search engine issues, accessibility problems etc. Great tool to find broken links and site performance related issues.

Submitexpress broken link checker - SubmitExpress is one of the best SEO services on the web that offers powerful seo packages at affordable rates. The site also offers some free tools for website owners. If you have a site or blog with dead links, you can try this useful broken link checking tool that can show you dead links of your site. Very useful free broken link checker to find "404 not found" pages.

Hope this article will help you find dead links of your site. If you run self hosted WordPress blog, you can easily find all of your internal or external broken links by installing Broken Link Checker plugin. Broken Link Checker is one of the best seo plugins that helps wordpress bloggers find and replace broken links easily. The plugin checks broken links automatically and notify you with the source pages which contain dead links.


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