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How To Change Folder Colour in Windows

So how to change the folder colour in Windows PC? 

Cool. Just follow the simple steps which is given below:

  • First, download the Folder Colorizer software app. The download link is given below at the end of this post.
  • During the installation of Folder Colorizer, it only asks for the administrator privileges in order to change the system's default folder colour.
  • After you have installed this software app, there is no need to open the app manually.
  • Select a single folder or else select many folders. 
  • Right Click on which you want to change the folder's colour.
  • Browse for "Colorize!".

  • This application comes with 8 predefined colours in which you can choose and also it allows you to pick up further more colours. To do that, click on colors...
  • Then name your defined color and also don't forget to click on +Add color in order to add the user's defined color to the task and hence it becomes very handy when next time you want to change the folder colour.
  • If you wish to reverse the colour, i.e., if you want to restore the system protected colour, then Right Click on the folder, choose "Colorize" and then do a click on Restore original color.
  • Even if you have uninstalled the Folder Colorizer app, the custom colour of the folder won't get changed to default. So you need to manually restore the original colour of the folder by using this app only.

Download:: - http://softorino.com/products/


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