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Top 5 Free Makeup Apps for Android

Check out these useful makeup apps on your Android device.

1. Perfect 365 - Perfect 365 is one of the best makeup apps for android devices that comes with many features and powerful makeup tools. The app lets you beautify your face easily. The app includes tons of features such as - one touch makeover styles, instant facial feature, cleanup tool that removes blemishes & dark circles and whiten teeth, enhancement tool helps you beautify skin quality, makeup tool and lots of other functions.
Very useful makeup tool that makes your face like a celebrity. The app comes with tons of features which can help you turn your simple face to beautiful face with just few taps. The app also allows you to share your created photos on your favorite social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. Great makeup app that can be downloaded free of cost on your Android device. 

2. Makeup - Featured rich makeup app for Android users that comes with lots of options and makeup stuffs. The app includes lots of face editing tools including different types of goodies such like eye glasses. Very easy to use app that helps you makeup your face like a celebrity. The app lets you snap a photo and choose makeup option from thousands of lipstick,  eye shadow, foundation, blush, mascara, or liner colors to apply on your face. Great app for Android users that is available free of cost on the Google Play Store.

3. Hairstyle Swap Lite - HairStyle Swap Lite is a useful virtual hairstyle app that comes with 140 different types of hairstyles for women and men. The app has many features except for the Photo upload and if you want to use your own photo for any of these hairstyles, you have to upgrade your app or purchase pro version of the app because free version comes with some pre loaded models for this option. 

4. Makeup Tutorials - Makeup Tutorials is one of the best makeup tutorial apps for Android users that comes with more than 350 makeup tutorial videos that can teach you  all of makeover styles easily. You can download this app free of cost on your device but free version comes with ads that can annoy you.

5. Mary Kay® Virtual Makeover - Very useful virtual makeover Android app which has many features that can help you instantly turn simple face into a celebrity like face. The app lets you customize looks with different types of makeover styles such as eye makeup, hairstyles, hair colors, lip colors, accessories and more. You can also share your created photo to your social accounts. One of the best free virtual makeup apps for Android phones and tablets.


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