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Increase the Default Volume Levels of Android Mobiles without Rooting

Tutorial on how to raise the volume on devices running on the androids 2.3 and 4X series without Rooting.

 for android 2.3 OS Series:- recommend only using mobileuncletools link available to download below.

first install the apk and enter the menu, after entering, 

Choose MTK enginnermode ==== ==== audio 
Three menu options appear [normal mode / headset mode / loudspeaker mode] ===== = in these three modes have to go one by one then there are a few options appear "EYE" , "Type" "level" and the two options that say max value is 0-255 and 0-160 vol 

must be so 

type: "ring" or possibly can choose "media" (this for the mp3 or movies) 

level: change the volume level of any android (x usually I change the level 6) 

value is 0-255: should make it 255 

max vol 0-160: should make it 160 

and that would be all for android 2.3 

and all other androids including 2.3 4.0 4.1 and more ;-program is as follows: it is called volume + 


This application is two forms of paid and free 

know it has few free things and pay more but things get to the point I'm going to share the pay version 

and we opened the application and activate the changes in the speaker we want: (. during a call requires root permissions) Speaker (normal speaker), Bluetooth, Headphone (headphones) or In-Call 

then the EQ Settings menu you can choose different preset configurations to see more of the bass or treble. Overall, I recommend selecting the option Good Quality. 
if something 

finally, in Volume Level you can increase the overall volume of your phone. This is where you must be careful: it is not recommended to put a higher value +1 or +2. Although if you want to experience, up more 

something else, if you like playing with the equalizers, you can modify with what gives you Volume + 
and experience the sounds and effects 

Well I remember them This application requires no root in all aspects unless you want to use 100% 
this is the link here https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=51626c8db621954a&id=51626C8DB621954A%21108


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