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Check BIOS Version Information In Windows 10

BIOS stands for Basic Input and Output System. One of the most important thing for every computer. Without installing it, you can't run your computer. Basically, it manages all the hardware connections between of your computer like Motherboard, Processor, Ram, Hard drive etc

1. From msinfo32

Msinfo32 is the best to check any information about your computer. So, you can also check about BIOS version information from this way. To check, first open 'RUN' by pressing 'Win+R' or type in search 'RUN' and press Enter.

herein the pop-up output find 'BIOS Version/Date'. Exact on right side of it, BIOS information will be displaying. So, copy it and find about your BIOS on the internet.

2. Through Windows Registry

Windows registry editor is another best way to find about system BIOS. You can also do the same work with Windows Registry. I mean, easily can find a complete information about your system BIOS. To check BIOS information via Windows registry, first open the 'RUN' by pressing 'Win+R' buttons or can also open it directly by searching 'RUN' in start.

3. Command Prompt

CMD or Command Prompt is one another finest and secure way to check BIOS information. With lots of benefits and features of CMD, you can also check BIOS version information through it. Once it has been opened, then type below command in it and press enter.
wmic bios get smbiosbiosversion

When you will enter then it will take some time and will show your BIOS version. It shows version information always below 'SMBIOSBIOSVersion'. You can see an example


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