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Count the Cells in Excel which are not blank

Count The Number Of Cells With Text In Excel

If you need to count a text in Microsoft Excel, what we do?

We know =count ( ) formula  to count the number of cells with Contain number.

But count the cells with Contain TEXT?

 = COUNTA ( )
What Does It Do?
This function counts the number of numeric or text entries in a list. It will ignore blanks.
     Syntax      = COUNTA (Range1, Range2, Range3 ... through to Range30) 


    Example 1

      The following table show, how to count total no. of cell contain TEXT
                   =COUNTA( ) - COUNT( )


 Example 2
The following table was used by a school to keep track of the examinations taken by students
Each exam passed was graded as 1, 2 or 3.
A failure was entered as Fail.
The school needed to known how many students sat for each exam.
The school Also needed to know how many exams were taken by students .

The = COUNTA () function has been used because of its ability to count text and numeric entries.


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