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Windows 10 Tips & Tricks -1

Create Key-Board Shortcut for Run any Desired Program:-

Right click on the program icon and then go to properties. There go to the shortcut tab and click on the Shortcut line. It will show you “none”. Press any desired key you like to assign for the launching of that program. After that the line will generate the shortcut starting with “Ctrl + Alt + your desired key. Click Apply and you are ready to launch that program just from your desktop.

Search It Directly from the Taskbar: Add a Search tool to the address bar. Right click the taskbar and select properties, in the toolbars section select the things you would like on your taskbar and check the Address box, click Apply. Now you can search any link directly from the taskbar in your default browser. Just type a link and the search result will show up in a window in the default browser.

Enhanced Right Click option:- Just press and hold the sift key and then press the right click the item and you’ll see many options in the right click menu as well as the sendto menu will also give you many locations.

File Path to copy:- hold down the shift key and right click that item and click on the copy as path option. Now, your file path is copied to clip board.

Launch Taskbar Programs Directly From The Keyboard: Windows Key + 5 key and Mozilla will launch.


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